We provide comprehensive care and support for people with acquired or traumatic brain injury, stroke and other neurodegenerative conditions such as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, early-onset dementia and Pick’s disease.

At Premier Care Support, we offer short and long-term care and rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home, working closely with you, and your family and support networks to create a highly tailored support plan. Focusing on behaviour, cognition and mobility, we offer assessments based on its key areas such as everyday life skills, cognitive skills and involvement in the local community.

What is Acquired Brain Injury Support Care?

Our fully vetted and trained staff will support and encourage you to reacquire practical skills such as cleaning, washing and cooking. We will tailor support to your individual needs, and our staff will support and motivate you to improve and maintain your independence through therapeutic, leisure and social activities.

How it works:

Following your enquiry, we will carry out a detailed assessment of needs and propose an outcome focused support plan, bearing in mind your choices and wishes. We can offer target oriented short and long-term plans, which are focused on enablement and rehabilitation.

For further enquiry, please call us on 01494412957 or [email protected].

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