Our Story

Premier Care came to life from our own struggles to find a suitable care following a life saving Pulmonary Endartectomy Surgery at world leading Papworth Hospital, in Cambridge in 2005, Chitra was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension due to a pulmonary embolism. Frequent hospital visits, blood tests, diagnostic tests, and multiple medicines were an intricate part of her life. Her heart was gradually giving up to sustain the pulmonary hypertension pressures thereby causing problems with simple breathing, speaking, walking, and doing other chores.

Fortunately, in 2008 she had a life-saving pulmonary endarterectomy surgery at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge. Her heart pressures were reduced to some normality giving her a new life. However, the post-hospital discharge journey was not pleasant as she struggled to find a suitable carer at home. She had to majorly rely on her husband, her brothers, and their families for immediate clinical and personal care. This led to low self-esteem, anxiety, and mental health issues with her basic routines.

As she started searching for carers locally, she was immediately struck by how difficult it was even to get hold of anyone and then to get them to understand her post-surgical caring needs.

This experience prompted her and her family to create the organization Premier Care Support– one that would not only support and care for people with mainstream diseases but also those with unconventional, life-threatening, and ongoing health conditions, who would need more intermittent care.

Chitra’s intensive recruitment and service management background coupled with her personal life experiences led her and her team to a greater understanding of the complexities of rare diseases and an awareness of the need for a more flexible and bespoke approach to care with passion.

And so Premier Care Support was born- supporting families across Buckinghamshire and surrounding London areas with unique and bespoke care options -catered to keeping them and their family members at the heart of the decision-making process, thus giving them more personal choice and control over their care and delivers true quality care to highest standards set by CQC.

With the motto “Care with Passion” at our hearts and the primary aim of delivering compassionate individual-specific services to promote quality of life at our minds, we, at Premier Care Support, specialize in offering bespoke home care and support services to those who:

  • Wish to stay in their comfort zone at their homes
  • Cannot live at their homes

Customer service with a difference

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to find the perfect carer for you based on your specific care needs. Whether that be someone who can drive or someone who shares your love of cooking – you can be sure that we will have someone suitable on our books. You will then keep the same point of contact throughout your relationship with us.

With Premier Care Support, you or your loved one can continue to enjoy independence, with the peace of mind that someone trustworthy and reliable is there should help be needed. Whichever kind of care you’re looking for, we’ll match you with our live-in carers, who will fit right in at your home and provide compassionate, conscientious care.


Our Values


We respect the choices made by our clients whether it is a regular day-to-day decision or a crucial one. At Premier Care Support, our team begins by understanding their individualistic needs and accordingly proceeds ahead with their respective choices.


We value our clients’ independence in their routine lives while carrying out their activities. At Premier Care Support, our staff strives to offer them the required support and encouragement for living every day to their fullest.


We make our clients feel worthy by engaging with them at both physical and emotional levels. At Premier Care Support, our experts keep the client’s dignity as one of the topmost priorities and treat them as a living being and not only another task.

Meet Our Team

Dr Neeraj Tripathi

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Expert Witness and Care Manager 





Joanne Zammouri

Care Manager 

Joanne possesses over 20 years of experience working in adult social care management and leadership roles, as well as working with vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, autism, mental health, physical disabilities, and brain injuries.

Her expertise in social care, residential, nursing, rehabilitation, crisis intervention, and domiciliary care, means that Joanne provides objective and robust recruitment, learning and training, and care management at Premier Care Support.




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